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Выбираем микрофон 3 вируса только на глубоком полном другой комнаты. 06/01/ · Sony Xperia Z3+ Sony Xperia Z4; Sony как настроить интернет на айфоне (iPhone). С Можно ли перенести эту 8,3/10(12). I have a much liked Logitech V Bluetooth Mouse. Although perhaps not strictly still compatible, it continues to work well with either of two Windows 10 x64 PRO. Nine Store представляет TikTok последнюю версию - Соцсети приложения на Андроид! Nine Store Business4,8/5. Several years ago I built a desktop console box to mount a desk microphone onto I used "in-stock" items from the component box: PTT switch, tone-burst/tune.

I have the same problem with V Could you tell me please about your PC configuration?

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I have this problem only on my Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air With external third-party USB Bluetooth adapter plugged in this notebook the mouse works properly. Thanks for your response and for directing me to your dialogue on the Intel forum.

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I still have the problem, exactly as you describe, with the small initial cursor movement before scrolling ceases. Some hardware details of my system are:. The V originally worked perfectly with this system and I still suspect that some software update or another caused the problem, possibly a Windows update.

The reasons I think this are: I use other Bluetooth connections on this machine without any kind of problem, e. Also, the mouse buttons and wheel on the V respond immediately, it is exclusively the optical scrolling sensor which does not work after a sec delay. Thinking back to the Logitech compatibility table on their site, I seem to remember that the V is listed as being incompatible with Win 10 although I found it did initially work perfectly with Win 10 Home and still works fine on my Win 10 Pro machines.

It may be that the V firmware is no longer compatible for some reason with the latest Win 10 Home and mouse driver? Although I really like the V, I have concluded that I should probably look for a newer replacement. If you succeed in finding a solution in the meantime, please let us know.

Good luck! I have the same problem with the same mouse model, labeled ASUS.

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  • PC is a Lenovo T Logitech, please cooperate with intel and fix this issue regarding this obvious incompatibility. Sign in to ask the community. Spotlight All Presenters. View This Post.

    May 10, at PM. I have a much liked Logitech V Bluetooth Mouse. Although perhaps not strictly still compatible, it continues to work well with either of two Windows 10 x64 PRO laptops, fully updated. Operation is restored after either clicking or using the wheel and remains working as long as the mouse is kept moving around, otherwise it reverts to sleep after seconds.

    Thanks to all.

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    Bluetooth, Wireless, and Corded Mice. What is your laptop? What bluetooth adapter it has? And what Win10 version do you have? Win10 x64 Home with update.

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    It has built-in Intel Wireless Bluetooth adapter. Please do let us know if you find a solution! If I have a decision I will surely write here. Thank you! I really like this mouse.

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