Можно ли снимать видео свадьбу на sony a 350

Можно ли снимать видео свадьбу на sony a 350

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I ran across your offering of ResuePRO , downloaded the trial , and purchased a license. К моему большому удивлению, perhaps two days later , a lady called me to ask if the software was working to my expectations. Here we are … months? Over a holiday weekend visiting our 3-yr-old twin grandchildren , I took lots of digital pix using a SanDisk memory card in my Nikon CoolPix S camera.

To my horror , I accidentally deleted all the images I had shot over two days. Rachel Zimmerman was particularly patient and helpful. She steered me to one of her LC tech colleagues , and he walked me through the activation and file-search process. Итог: I recovered more than images using RescuePro Deluxe! I would recommend this product and this company to anyone in need of data recovery. I worked so diligently all semester for this project. I drove two hours to my hometown to take the USB to my computer guy and after hours of working on it , nothing.

Later that day we got in contact with this company , and we expedited my USB overnight. A day later , they recovered all files that I lost and I learned my lesson. Thank you so much for all of hard-work and time you put toward my files , and ultimately , my sanity. This company rocks!

I had a panicked client , to say the least … a thumb drive containing work for multiple classes had failed during finals week. Called LC-Technology in the afternoon день 1 and Rachel answered the phone and assured me that she would put a rush on it.

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Overnighted the thumb drive to Rachel and it was received the next day день 2. I have one happy client and a new data recovery company. Thanks Rachel and LC-Technology! Rico solved the mystery of my missing folder! Утром, I was in a complete panic. At first , from past experience , thought I had just inadvertently moved the folder into an adjacent folder , but could not find it.

Тогда, thinking that the crash somehow damaged or deleted the folder , I started searching for potential means of recovery and assistance in that process. To make a long story short , I found the RescuePro software and was connected to Rico , a technical support representative. After explaining the situation , he expeditiously determined that I had inadvertently renamed the folder , something I had never done before.

Thanks again to Rico and to LC Technology for your assistance! I was able to recover image files from a wedding I shot on an SD card. This was after I formatted the card and photographed another wedding using the same card. I panicked when I realized I had not loaded the images on my computer from the first wedding.

I was so relieved once I was able to recover ALL the missing files. Thank you LC-Tech!

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Chuck B. Good day. Thanks for creating a VERY good program!!! Thanks to it , I pulled the files from a blocked USB carrier. Special thanks to Grant Woods. Thanks for the help!!! All Costa Rica wildlife photo were cleanly and fully recovered. Many thanks to Rachel for her prompt , professional attention to my issues.


Well done Rachel! I had a corrupt SanDisk card with 4k footage.

Можно ли снимать видео свадьбу на sony a 350

Rico went above and beyond to help me and was able to recover a lot of the footage. Great help and great communication. Спасибо, Rico! The warnings about video files being difficult to recover are , sadly , absolutely true.

Rico worked for days to fix the files , so I ended up with some of my erased footage , rather than absolutely none.

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My advice : double-check you have downloaded ALL the footage from your cards before formatting! Saved the day after accidentally formatting video on a Panasonic GH5S.

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I was using Final Cut Pro X and had assumed all my video had been imported. RescuePRO Deluxe was able to scan and recover all my video. Note for each mov file it had recovered 2 Файлы. Super happy I was able to recover all my video footage. I am so grateful to have my pictures back thanks to the RescuePro software!

I wanted others to know this software works ; you need to buy it after using the trial version and scan again for the files to actually transfer to your hard drive. After trying a couple of clunky trial versions of other software with no luck , RescuePro found my files before asking me to pay for them.

Большой продукт, and great feeling to have recovered them!

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  • Rachel : Just a quick note of thanks once again for your great support to get my vacation memories back! Thank you for your patience , профессионализм, and friendly support.

    Спасибо, and have a great weekend! Gary H. I have always trusted the brand SanDisk. Being a Wedding Filmmaker , dependability is key. This past weekend , I was filming a wedding ; the ceremony to be specific , and right during the vows by battery died. This was a first for me.

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    I am a stickler on making sure myself and my second shooters have a full battery — always before the ceremony. Later that night when I got home to back up my footage , I quickly raced to see if the file was there. After discovering that it was , there was somewhat of a relief , but I quickly learned that the file was corrupted.

    Можно ли снимать видео свадьбу на sony a 350

    After trying to save the file myself using their software , I was unsuccessful. Luke W. Rico went above and beyond to fix a memory cards worth of files for me.

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    I want to take this opportunity to share with you a wonderful , на самом деле, several wonderful experiences I had with members of your staff.

    In April , while deleting some unwanted photos from my digital camera , I got a message that the memory was empty. I could not retrieve any pictures. I called the camera company who referred me to Sandisk , who referred me to your company. My first contact was with Rachel Zimmerman through email and then phone calls.

    She was a blessing! She was so responsive , полезный, friendly and accommodating. I hated calling and bothering her so many times , but I am somewhat technologically challenged. But each and every time , she was the friendly voice on the other end of the phone.

    I truly felt like I had a friend at LC-Tech. I thought I had lost all my precious vacation and family photos forever. Rachel explained what I needed to do and which LC-Tech product would remedy my situation. She also referred me to Rico , who was very helpful and friendly and gave me step by step directions for using your product. On my last call to Rico , I had to leave a message , but was connected to Alex. He , слишком, was very helpful and friendly.

    And after he helped me complete the process , I received a call back from Rico. I encountered 3 members of your staff and ALL of them provided superior customer service. This occurred more than two months ago , but the impression it has made has not faded.

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    Progress has always had a price and nowadays , it seems to be customer service ………………… but obviously , not at your company. I want to thank you and compliment you for the caliber of people you employ at LC-Tech. Too often , the only comments we hear are negative ones — positive ones are more important , in my opinion.

    You know …………………. I actually miss my conversations with her. Искренне, Diana a more than satisfied customer. Many thanks to Grant Woods for this perfect job and the excellent service I recieved from the company. Привет, I contacted LC Technology today with a recover pro issue.

    I spoke to a gentleman called Mathew Law , we were in contact via phone and email for quite some time , Mathew talked me through the problems I was having he explained everything very clearly too without any issues.

    I wanted to contact and say what a credit Mathew is to the company and himself nothing was too much trouble for this young man , I say young as I am 67 years young.

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